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Sarian Systems MR4110 provides fast wireless connection to the Internet or private TCP/IP based networks using reliable GPRS technology.

A unique feature of the MR4110 is that it supports the use of dual SIM cards for additional network redundancy. The unit can intelligently assess that a mobile network is unavailable and automatically switch to a stand by network.

A further advantage of the Sarian Systems MR4110 is its dual USB ports which can be used with a secure memory key to quickly configure or clone a group of units. Expansion devices such as ADSL modems, multiple serial ports and others can be added.

The included Sar/OS operating system supports several strategies (Dynamic DNS, IPSec VPN and NAT Traversal) for avoiding the problems usually associated with dynamic IP addressing.

An optional 12 Channel GPS receiver makes the Sarian Systems MR4110 ideal for asset tracking and vehicle applications such as geofencing.


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